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Collaboration chain is a new support initiative that has been developed for the Moscow exporters. It is designed to help companies in their search for business partners, lower their costs and compete with foreign suppliers successfully.
A collaboration chain is a turnkey product that is put together by several companies selling their goods as a part of one product. In this way, it is easier for a supplier to find a customer and for the latter to find a turnkey solution for his challenging task.

Imagine a company that needs а high-tech solution, say an autonomous lighting system. To implement this project the company needs to purchase various materials and products for the project: lighting equipment, cables, current transformers, lithium-ion batteries, temperature sensors, an automated system for tracking the energy use, etc. This means that first of all, you need to find suppliers of all these products, analyze the offers, choose the best value for money offers, and then install all the equipment. All these processes can be simplified by making use of the collaboration chain: a turnkey offer put together by various suppliers. By the way, a turnkey lighting installation project (for agricultural companies) was the pilot in this new initiative. The collaboration chain was first presented in spring 2021 at the Innoprom Exhibition during the Big Industrial Week in Uzbekistan.
In 2020 Moscow exporters with the help of Mosprom center program have concluded contracts for more than 566 mln dollars.
In addition to the benefits for potential customers of Moscow enterprises, the new support initiative will help to reduce costs for every supplier in the chain and also help them to reduce production costs, as well as to develop a competitiveness strategy and understand what kind of collaboration projects will be especially in demand in foreign markets.

The Mosprom Exporters Support Center took on the task of developing collaboration chains. Companies submit project offers and the center experts start their search for local and foreign clients who might be interested in purchasing a turnkey product offered by Moscow companies and besides that, they also lead negotiations on behalf of the suppliers.

The interregional collaboration program of the Mosprom Сenter is also aimed at bringing manufacturers from different Russian regions together. Apart from finding suppliers and partners, the experts help participants effectively communicate with government institutions. Many companies encounter difficulties when taking part in large government tenders: they fall short in their assessment of the competition or underestimate resources and on top of that make mistakes when preparing documentation. Support specialists in tenders from Mosprom Center help to sort everything out and reduce time costs.

An example of successful collaboration is the project aimed at detecting COVID-19 using medical images based on the new NM Stick accelerator, implemented by Scientific and Technical Center "Module" (STC Module) in collaboration with Scientific Development and Production Center "Medical Complexes", Federal Medical and Biological Agency of Russia, and Federal State Independent Institution Universal Design Resource and Rehabilitation Technology Center. Due to the Artificial Intelligence implementation in mobile diagnostic procedures, it is possible to make a preliminary diagnosis right after the examination of the patient and without a doctor.

Earlier, STC Module, in collaboration with the Malaysian Design Center Key ASIC, developed a device for oncologists that functions autonomously. The product has gained FDA certification in the US and entered the international market.
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