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may 2021

Secondary raw materials: first results

The global processing market in 2027 will exceed $ 2.3 trillion, according to experts from the Mosprom Export Support and Development center. Moscow based enterprises are actively exploring this area, increasing the export of recycled waste.
Waste from propylene polymer products, wastepaper, wood waste, plastic bottles, waste and scrap of electrical equipment and parts, ABS plastic granules – all this is exported by Moscow companies to be used in production, to become a raw material for processing or a finished material for plastic and glass products. However, there are also leading goods in the structure of Moscow export.
The growing interest in the market for environmentally friendly technologies is driven by the social factor of increased responsibility. Experts from the Mosprom Export Support and Development center predict that in the next seven years the average annual growth of the processing market is expected to be
— 2021-PLANS —
By the end of 2020, the Capital's export of processed raw materials is estimated at almost $ 160 million. Over the year, the volume of supplies tripled: in 2019, over the same period, such products were sold abroad in the amount of $ 50.96 million. Key export products of high#tech processing include recycled polyethylene, copper cathodes and ABS plastic.
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