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JULY 2021

Training programs for exporters

The Mosprom Center specialists improve the skills of Moscow exporters through discussions with leading foreign economic activity experts.
Moscow exporting enterprises receive free support from foreign economic activity experts (sponsored by the Moscow government). The experts organize events for marketing and sales specialists, lawyers, financial experts, accountants and logisticians.

In 2021, more than 500 specialists will take part in training activities. Last year some of the webinars were dedicated to seeking new markets in cooperation with the other Russian regions and major federal companies. Today the focus is on training enterprises which participate in the center's buyer program. Participants master the whole process of an export roadmap starting from positioning the product abroad to negotiating with potential buyers. Thus, for example, there was special training on the peculiarities of the Nigerian export market for Moscow companies on the eve of a business mission to this country.
The center has also launched a YouTube channel "Experts about export", where all training materials are available in recording. A discussion is one of this year's new formats in the training program. Several experts participate in it answering most frequent questions from companies and sharing different fine points of export practice.

For example, the center's specialists have already organized a very useful discussion on international and currency law. In this discussion the speakers covered such issues, as: what kind of official establishment is better to open in foreign economic activity - a trade office or a representative office; or why it is necessary to establish a foreign structure for export business models and what tax risks are associated with its establishment.

There are six modules of the program "Course for a specialist of foreign economic activity" on the channel "Experts about export". This is a complex program of export development for enterprises in Technopolis Moscow special economic zone. The modules are focused on state regulation, organization of export strategy, efficient search for partners, specifics of document flow and export customs clearance.

YouTube channel "Experts about export"
Audience: 16+