Scaling up unique skills

Apart from educational partners and development institutes, Moscow Technical School works with leading Moscow manufacturing companies. We talked to Pavel Vorobyev, managing director of QRate company, about the aspirations of the project's industrial partners.
Pavel Vorobyev
managing director of QRate company
– Pavel Evgenyevich, why is Moscow Technical School so attractive for QRate?

– Above all, it is a chance to share our technological solutions and preliminary work relating to teaching new future technologies, in particular, quantum communications. We support this project and we are absolutely sure it will succeed. At the very beginning of the journey when the idea of MTS had been in the air, we offered our expertise for designing an educational program and the adoption of quantum communications as a part of communication technologies skill center.
QRate is a scientific and production company, a developer of cyber security solutions.
– How do you see cooperation between universities, industry and government in the terms of human resources?

– Together with educational institutions across the country, QRate works closely on developing competencies in quantum communications. I strongly feel that engaging public authorities in this process will make our educational initiatives more efficient and will widen the reach of our programs for all prospective partners. I hope more industrial companies, universities and startups join MTS so we can expand and share our experience internationally.

– Can Moscow Technical School facilitate integration of regional standards of staffing to boost industrial growth?

– Regions frequently adopt technological innovations, including those in the education field. We will be proud if some of our initiatives are embedded in regional standards.

– What tips would you give to a young professional accepting his/her first paid job offer?

– Do not get anxious from the workload, show your interest and awareness in current technological trends in a chosen field, and decide on your career path as early as you can. Early career guidance city programs are already assisting kids from their school years.

– Do you agree with the saying that human resources are a key asset, or is it true that no one is irreplaceable?

– It is a tricky question. I cannot give you a clear answer. Hi-tech companies are hunting for such one-of-a-kind employees. When the technology passes the tipping point and is being traded actively, it is time to scale up unique skills for a wider professional community and for other mass market players. We believe Moscow Technical School can play a crucial role in this process.


QRate was awarded a grant by The Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in Science and Technology. All the funds will be invested in the development of ground equipment for receiving quantum signals from space, as well as in the elaboration of a hi-speed optical connection called "Earth-satellite", which will ensure safe quantum communications between devices separated by long distances..
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