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Special Economic Zone News and Plans.
Animal World
The Scientific Entertainment company developed a new electronic educational and methodical complex for teaching pre-school children in science disciplines - 'Professor Drozdov's School'. 500+ scientific facts for the training program were voiced by Doctor of Biological Sciences Professor Nikolai Drozdov.
Catch up and Surpass America
Profotech, a manufacturer of optical solutions, will supply an electronic current transformer to Mitsubishi Electric test center in March next year for laboratory research. If successfully tested, the company's devices will be used by Mitsubishi to build hydroelectric power plants in America. The contract price was RUB 4.5 m.
Expert Review
Technopolis Moscow SEZ is in TOP 3 special economic zones of technology-innovative type according to the results of the IV 2019 National Rating of Russian SEZ Investment Attractiveness. Technopolis Moscow ranked fourth in the 6th Investment Attractiveness Ranking of Russian Industrial Parks and Special Economic Zones by the Expert analytical center.
Anti-COVID Support
During the period of temporary restrictions, the companies of the Technopolis Moscow Special Economic Zone increased the production of medical products and equipment by 50% on average, and promptly reoriented their capacities to produce goods to combat the pandemic. Thus, 8,000+ product units of products ranging from lung ventilators to sanitizer cases and hospital sewage treatment systems were delivered to 45 Russian regions.
Forward to Knowledge
The Drive Technics company from the Moscow SEZ has developed for Moscow primary and secondary school students competencies in robotics, mechatronics and energy saving. The competencies will become a standard for dissemination throughout Russia, where it can be taken ready-made and implemented in training programs. The program is designed for both students and established professionals.
From Study to Practice
250+ university students majoring in various professions have already filled in questionnaires for an internship at Technopolis Moscow SEZ enterprises. About 40 more CVs were received just at the end of the year from people who wanted to work on a permanent basis.
Open House
Technopolis Moscow SEZ has become one of the Moscow industrial tourism centers having organized about 15 tours to the residential enterprises in 2020. The events took place both offline and online, the total audience was 60,000+ people.
Ashkhen Hovsepyan, CEO of SIU System, a resident company, was officially appointed as an Ambassador of Women in 3D printing in Russia. Her tasks are to represent the organization locally, to be responsible for 3D printing events, and to build the 3D community in Russia.
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