Who has already been assigned IPP status?

The investment priority project status mechanism was launched in 2018 and has already shown its effectiveness, the number of new projects is increasing annually.
In 2023, within the framework of the IPP, the modernization of the Nizhniye Kotly industrial park will be completed: a large-scale reconstruction and repair of two buildings with a total area of 74.5 thousand square meters will be carried out. The volume of investments in the project will amount to about 2.2 billion rubles. In the industrial park, it is planned to create more than 500 new highly paid jobs.
Kalibr and Strogino Technoparks will expand their property complex: 2.9 billion rubles and more than 600 million rubles will be invested in modernization, respectively. The IPP status will allow the Kalibr Technopark to allocate additional funds for the opening of engineering, laboratory and production facilities, infrastructure development. Construction of a new facility and modernization of four existing ones are planned in the Strogino Technopark. The total building area by 2022 will increase from 17 to 27 thousand square meters.
The IPP status was also assigned to the creation of the ZIL Technopark project. The Korpus company will reconstruct existing and build new facilities for its creation. They will produce microelectronics, auto components, develop information technologies in the field of security, conduct scientific research. The investor will invest at least 3.3 billion rubles in the technopark and create more than 1,100 jobs there.
Five more investors will reconstruct existing production facilities or build new plants within the framework of the IPP.
Pixel ST will invest at least 478 million rubles over 3 years in the reconstruction of the production and test building, in which it is planned to expand the production of the Moscow Projector Plant. The production of transformers, autonomous power supplies, and hydraulic equipment will be established here. The project will create 134 jobs.
Alpha Automotive Technologies is investing over 2 billion rubles in the construction of a new plant for the production of stamped parts for car body. Its total area will be at least 32.5 thousand square meters. The enterprise will be equipped with modern equipment, including a robotic line. The plant will create 385 highly paid jobs.
As part of the implementation of the IPP "DSK1-Rostokino" (a structural subdivision of the First House-Building Plant) will modernize the production of products made of concrete, cement and gypsum, reconstruct and increase the existing area of the plant from 94 thousand square meters up to 109 thousand sq. m. Investments in the project will amount to 2.6 billion rubles. The number of jobs at the plant will increase from 410 to 1,300.
The BioMedVetService company, an agreement with which was signed at the end of 2020, will build a modern enterprise, which will establish the production of at least five veterinary drugs. Investments in the construction of the plant will amount to 514 million rubles, it is planned to commission it in 2022. The enterprise will create 85 jobs.
The production company ELITGROUP INVEST will create a meat processing plant in the Western administrative district of the capital. The new enterprise will be launched no later than 2022. The volume of private investment in the project is 2.4 billion rubles. The plant will employ over 450 people.
Three IPPs are implemented in the spheres of culture and social services for the population.
HPS-2 is reconstructing the building of the oldest power plant in Moscow, which is considered a cultural heritage site. A museum and exhibition complex will appear on its territory, which will be able to receive 750 thousand people annually. The investor will invest at least 10 billion rubles in the project, the area of the complex will be 41.1 thousand square meters.
The Senior Group Malakhovka company will create a gerontological center with 90 seats in the capital. It will provide accommodation for the elderly and disabled. The volume of investments in the reconstruction of the building is at least 310 million rubles over 4 years. The area of the gerontological center will be 3.6 thousand square meters. The new boarding house will have 64 jobs.
Another gerontological center with 150 seats will open in the Novo-Peredelkino area of the Western administrative district of the capital. The total area of the object will be about 15 thousand square meters. Orpea Rus will invest at least 453 million rubles in construction until 2023. The boarding house will create 116 jobs.
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