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what business workshops are worth visiting

Events for business are meetings with authorities, new contacts, acquaintances with fresh trends and cases. Their goal is to form a favorable business environment for doing business in the capital. Don't miss it!
At the beginning of February, the first meetings took place in two formats: online and offline. The workshops were attended by over 6,000 people. The participants were told about the conditions for starting and developing business in the city, existing state support measures as well as creating a favorable investment infrastructure in the city. Representatives of the Moscow Department of Investment and Industrial Policy, the Moscow Office of the Federal Tax Service, Small Business of Moscow, the Moscow City Investment Agency, the Technopolis Moscow SEZ were among the speakers.

At the meeting, the guests discussed the peculiarities of various preferences, possible changes in tax legislation, special benefits for residents of Moscow special economic zone and technoparks as well as new online services.
For example, the new Moscow Investor service allows businesses to send questions and proposals for investment activities to the Moscow Government in a one stop shop mode. The service mechanism is simple and clear, and its peculiarity is the minimum term for providing problem solutions - 10 working days only.

The guests were interested in the simplified procedure for starting and closing a business, the mechanism for obtaining loans and subsidies, their amount and document processing procedures.

At the end of the meeting, the organizers and experts proceeded to the case studies of specific companies, answered questions and told where to apply in various situations.
The workshops are held in two formats: online (Kommersant Publishing House) and offline (conference room, Oko Tower). The speakers - representatives of the authorities - talk about the intricacies of ownership registration, the effectiveness of non-financial support, current lending programs, support for investment projects and specialized sites that are particularly designed for localizing productions and accommodating innovation companies. The host is Ramaz Chiaureli, a well-known radio presenter and journalist of the Kommersant publishing house.
Audience: 16+