Cheese robot
Te Moscow Bitrobotics company has developed a high-tech robotic sliced cheese stacking system for dairy production. The 3D machine vision scans and detects the presence of cheese at the product pick-up point, while the delta robot picks up, transfers and stacks on the conveyor belt. The delta robot allows for maximum productivity in high-speed product pick-up and handling operations. The process itself takes place behind glass, which eliminates direct contact with the product and keeps the line section clean.
The Scientific Entertainment company has increased the supply of Naurussia interactive laboratories by 30%. This collection of experiments allows to learn about light, sound and electricity in an easy and accessible way. 15,000 kindergartens and schools in Russia and in the CIS countries, Israel, Japan and France are currently using the technology of the Moscow SEZ resident
Electricity is digitally metered
The first fully digital metering system based on optical metering transformers will appear at the Krasnoyarsk aluminum smelter. Its developer was the Profotec company, a Technopolis Moscow special economic zone resident. The system allows continuous monitoring of energy use. Switching from analogue to digital systems will reduce measurement uncertainty and provide significant economic benefits. The project was fully completed by Profotec: starting from design, manufacture and supply of digital optical transformers down to installation and commissioning of the all technical facilities.
Virus shall not pass
The Moscow Goodwin Corporation has developed the G-Token system. It allows you to monitor the movement of employees across the enterprise. If someone is diagnosed with COVID-19, the device will quickly identify who the ill person was in contact with. The miniature device stores up to 3,500 records. The Moscow development can be demanded by companies with large production areas and a big number of employees.
Future industrialists
For the first time, students of Moscow leading universities will be able to get practical training at the Moscow Fund for Industry and Entrepreneurship Support. Students from economics and finance faculties are accepted for the apprenticeship. They can apply for apprenticeship at their universities the fund has agreements with. The Fund has already signed a cooperation agreement with the RUDN University. In the future, students of the Russian Plekhanov-University of Economics and Moscow State Lomonosov-University will also be able to become apprentices. Future specialists will receive knowledge in financial analysis of investment projects, get acquainted with the mechanisms of analytical and legal expertise as well as learn the key principles of financial models at Moscow industrial enterprises.
93% accuracy
The Modul Research and Technical Center in Moscow has created software for pneumonia diagnostics. The neural network studies the X-ray images, recognizes the pathology on them, and determines the area and extent of the lesion. All this in several minutes. So far, the neural network can detect only one disease, but in the future it will be trained to detect other diseases as well. The solution is part of a hardware-software complex (Modul is currently working on it). The goal is to make AI services a common practice for Russian hospitals.
Nothing to hide
The Moscow Diagnostika-M company has created a device that will allow to scan things much faster. The mobile detector detects explosives. It only takes a second to check the baggage. The device can be used at airports, subways and railway terminals.
Pocket lung ventilator
A portable artificial lung ventilation device for patients with complications after coronavirus infection is being developed by Hirana+ , a Moscow Special Economic Zoneresident. The devices will be useful not only in emergency care, but also in the follow-up rehabilitation of patients with COVID-19. The units will weigh 3 kg only and can be used in the ambulance even before the patient is admitted to the hospital. After testing and state registration, the products will go into mass production.
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