JULY 2021

Open #Mosprom!

Moscow University and Polytechnic students are active participants of the Discover#Mosprom project. They take guided tours to Moscow plants and factories to get familiar with the present-day industry, to expand their intellectual horizon and to make a choice of a future job. We talked to students about their studies, career prospects and impressions of Discover#Mosprom.
Evgenii Nosikov:
"I am studying at the Moscow Timiryazev Agricultural Academy, the Institute of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture. Since childhood I've been interested in botany, so the choice of the university was obvious. Also I'm keen on athletics, but in future I want to study science.

At the University I was invited to tour the "Moskovsky" Agricultural holding, where they grow herbs and vegetables. I thought it would be exciting as I have already been on a similar tour in the enterprise Miratorg. Moskovsky impressed me with the variety of plants and the technology they use. I would love to be employed there.

I think that industrial jobs are very important, especially in Moscow, where the industrial sector of the economy is so developed."
Aleksandra Ryzhkova:
"I am a third-year student at the Institute of Biotechnology and Fisheries, my major is biology.

I entered this Institute by happy coincidence as originally I was planning to study at a completely different university. I am going to continue my studies in the master's program after graduation. My interest in natural sciences is so deep that I am planning to study science. I want to work in the lab surrounded by glass flasks, test tubes, Petri dishes... And at the same time I'm drawn to something wild, unexplored: our natural habitat, vegetation and a camping tent. In general I am quite enthusiastic about many things: karate, reading, swimming, literary soirees, hiking…

My thesis tutor told me about guided tours organized by the Discover#Mosprom project. First we participated in the same-name quiz and our team, by the way, took the 5th place. Later I initiated a small student group from our Institute to the tour of Universal, which is a leading Russian enterprise for the development of paratroopers and ground support equipment for the air force and civil aviation. My activity area is different but all the same it was very interesting to learn about various production cycles of industrial companies. I like to learn new things. I'd like to visit a jewelry factory and the Ilyushin Aviation Complex."
Maxim Kalugin:
"I am a Mechatronics and Mobile Robotics student. That was my choice because I've always been very interested in the future and technology. Now I am interested in 3D modeling and printing, mobile robots, I love reading and I'm a cyclist. My dream is to implant future into the present, that is why I've chosen industry. I hope to set up a lab to develop mobile robots for various purposes, from hoovers to reconnaissance robots.

My thesis tutor invited me to Karacharovsky mechanical plant manufacturing lifts. Though its production is not related to my career, I was quite enthusiastic about it, because at the plant it is possible to learn the process and manufacturing methods of different equipment. I would also like to visit the Renault car factory. I think that a lot of exciting tours can be organized in Moscow. As far as I know there are more than 3000 industrial enterprises in the city."
Audience: 16+