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The Moscow industrial complex Aeroelectromash is the head company of the aviation industry in the field of development and production of on-board electric equipment and aviation equipment. The company received a special status in september 2017 and confirms it annually.
Due to the presence of its own production base and design center, Aeroelectromash successfully manufactures products in demand on the market, the characteristics of which are in many ways superior to their foreign counterparts.

Tax preferences from the Moscow Government helped Aeroelectromash to channel the freed-up funds to modernize production. In 2018, the company put into operation a new CNC machining center, having invested about 9 million rubles in the project. In May 2019, it confirmed the status of the industrial complex and in the next five years will invest 1.4 billion rubles in the modernization of production and the system of lean production. Now the Aeroelectromash plant plans to create a light helicopter AEM-1 on electric traction. A prototype with an internal combustion engine for a flight range of up to 600 km has already been shown at the HeliRussia 2019 exhibition.
Throughout its history, Aeroelectromash has produced several hundred samples of aviation products, many of which have no analogues in the world. They are used by such enterprises as Sukhoi Company PJSC, Technodinamika JSC, Temp im. F. Korotkova JSC, Il PJSC, RSK MIG JSC, OKB im. Yakovleva JSC, Tupolev PJSC and many others.
Boris Malyshev,
Director General of Aeroelectromash:
"Aeroelectromash is the principal enterprise, and this imposes a special responsibility. We have embarked on the implementation of only domestic software, and we are succeeding. The main task now digitalization of the plant, which will help to reduce time for design and technological works".
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