Aripix Robotics:
"Technology Bank"
is a comfortable "marketplace"
for developers of
high-tech solutions"

General director of Aripix Robotics Andrey Spiridonov on how to open the production of robots, at which enterprises they will be useful and how to get into the "Technology Bank".
Andrey Spiridonov
General director of Aripix Robotics
Why did you choose this type of activity?

Working as an engineer at Nokia Siemens Networks and Huawei, I have repeatedly come across the fact that manual labor in some technological chains overestimates the cost of the product and also increases the likelihood of defects. So I got the idea of developing non-standard equipment for industrial needs.

In 2016, I opened the Inventa design bureau, and in two years the startup completed 38 successful projects, developing and implementing unique production equipment at customers' factories.

At the beginning of 2017, the General Director of the Khrapunovsky Tool Plant (KTP) contacted Inventa with a request to develop an "automatic stacker of workpieces into machines". To solve the problem, I developed a robotic arm and in December 2017 tested it in "combat conditions" at the plant. This is how the prototype of the six-axis industrial robotic arm Aripix A1 was born.
Please tell us about the results of your work that you are proud of.

We signed the first contract with Moskabelmet Group of Companies in December 2019. The plant was interested in Russian-made robots, and after reading about us in the media, representatives of the enterprise contacted us. Three factors convinced the specialists of Moskabelmet Group of Companies to start working with us. Firstly, our robotic arm met their requirements in terms of technical parameters: load capacity, range and speed of action. Secondly, we have developed a special gripper that suits them technologically. Third, they calculated payback and came up with a feasibility study. Before that, they considered KUKA equipment, but foreign robots are much more expensive, and it takes 7 to 10 years to pay off. And our decision pays off from 10 to 15 months.

In September 2020, we signed the second contract with a group of companies, which we are very proud of. Now at the plant we are introducing two robotic manipulators Aripix A1, which, instead of people, will load metal into the presses, as well as a cantilever-type robot Aripix D1, which will lay the cable into the basket with high precision, making the work of three workers easier.

For another of our clients – PIK-Industry, a member of "PIK" Group of Companies, we have solved a complex non-standard problem. They needed not only a robotic arm, but also a system for video recognition of defect. We have developed a robotic complex of two robotic manipulators with a machine vision system and additional equipment. Robots select facing ceramic tiles by color in accordance with the color scheme, distinguishing 62 shades, and reject chipped products and tiles of non-standard size with a capacity of 20 thousand units per day, independently control the filling of the pallet for sorted tiles and an insulator for rejects.

At the ZET Energo plant, we are introducing a system based on the Aripix A1 robotic arm, which accurately counts the plates coming out of the press and forms stacks for further transportation.
What technologies and products of the company were included in the "Technology Bank"?

Aripix Robotics entered the Bank of Technologies of the Moscow Industrial Development Agency with its industrial robotic manipulators and solutions based on them, allowing enterprises to increase labor productivity and profitability of production, reduce the risks of human factor impact on business, improve the accuracy and speed of operations, reduce defects in the production, fully control the operation of the production cell without downtime and errors.

Why did you decide to join the Bank?

"Technology Bank" is an amazing platform, a kind of marketplace for developers of high-tech solutions. All products have passed the qualification selection of the Moscow Industrial Development Agency, so, the projects included in the Bank are definitely some of the best in their field. It seems to me that for industrial companies that are thinking about introducing high-tech Russian developments at their factories, this is a very comfortable platform where it is easy to find a solution for their task. The Bank provides the suppliers of innovative high-tech solutions with access to a large number of potential clients.

What would you like your company to be in the future?

We plan to expand the range by increasing the robotic load capacity up to 400 kg, as well as the speed and range.

We will explore new markets and niches: robots for warehouses are already in development - a manipulator for folding boxes on pallets and conveyors, as well as waste sorting complex. Our company is also gradually moving towards an increase in volumes, moving to serial production. But development for unique tasks will also remain.
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