BAKOR: innovations
that conquer markets

The manufacturer of specialized industrial ceramics stc bakor, with the status of an industrial complex of Moscow, successfully supplies its products to 16 countries. The company received a soft loan in the amount of 200 million rubles under the "export" program.
Science and Technology Center Bakor produces highly refractory products for lining industrial furnaces, ceramic crucibles for melting heat-resistant steels and alloys, non-ferrous metals, glasses, frits. The company's signature products are vacuum ceramic filters, which are used in enterprises engaged in the extraction and processing of solid minerals.

A concessional loan to the company was issued by the Moscow Industry and Enterprise Support Fund for the acquisition of new equipment, replenishment of working capital for the payment of raw materials and components, including for expanding export potential. It is expected that during the five years of the project, the enterprise's revenues may increase by 40 per cent, while the volume of new exports in the same period will amount to at least 125 million rubles.
200 MLN. rubles - SUM OF LOAN FOR 5 YEARS
Science and Technology center Bakor was established by the government decision in 1987, so that the USSR could develop effective corrosion-resistant refractory products and thermal insulation materials used for the defense industry. The creation of modern refractory materials is one of the main activities of the enterprise today. It successfully exports its products to 16 foreign countries, including Australia, Austria, Germany, India, Macedonia, Mexico, Peru, USA, Chile, South Africa, South Korea, Japan and the CIS countries. In foreign trade activities the company enjoys the support of the Government of Moscow.
  • One of the 30 fastest growing investment companies in Russia at the end of 2017.
  • More than 85 RF patents.
  • Two Eurasian patents.
  • Registered trademark.
  • 30,000 sq. m of production area in Moscow.
  • Machine building site in Vologda.
  • Full production cycle.
  • Three research centers.
  • More than 250 employees – doctors, candidates of sciences.

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