Moscow Protection from cybercriminals

By 2030, cumulative global economic losses from digital attacks will reach USD 90 tn. In Russia alone, the damage has been about RUB 130 bn in the last three years. We'll tell you what the capital's industrialists are doing to ensure cyber security not only of individual enterprises in Moscow, but also of the entire city.
Aprotech created a data gateway based on the new KasperskyOS operating system and Siemens equipment. It's a small box similar to a Wi-Fi router that securely connects production equipment to the cloud infrastructure protecting electronic data from hacks. The gateway is now being tested at several food processing, metalworking and urban infrastructure facilities.

By the way, Aprotech products were included in the Technology Bank of the Moscow Industrial Development Agency, which collects the most advanced technological developments of Moscow industrialists. It helps companies like Aprotech to find customers and to expand cooperation with other industrial enterprises in the city.
Another member of the Technology Bank system in Moscow was Prof-It Group. Its developments help minimize the risks of information leaks, reduce the likelihood of cyber-attacks and guarantee the continuity of management and production processes.

During the pandemic, many industrial enterprises faced the challenge of moving employees to work from home, which carries with it data and device security risks. Prof-It Group helped them to prepare the infrastructure for remote work of employees, to protect their devices, corporate data and applications in the shortest time possible.


The Moscow Ancad company - a Technopolis Moscow resident - produces cryptographic means of information protection. Crypton is one of the company's developments. This is a complex consisting of encryption technology and terminal stations. It fully protects information in large financial and energy companies, government agencies and law enforcement authorities.

Ancad products are an example of both import substitution and a practical cybersecurity solution. All equipment and components are made in Russia, not only hardware, but also software, which means that there is practically no risk of data leaks or dumps.
Mikron, a Moscow Technopolis SEZ resident, is Russia's largest manufacturer and exporter of microelectronics, and regularly launches new products on the market. The Moscow authorities support the company not only with benefits, but also with the modern utility infrastructure.

One of the company's products, a chip for the Mir payment system compliant with international standards, was developed in Russia specifically for the national payment card system. It is free of embedded programs and viruses, which is strategically important for the information security of the Russian financial system. The company annually produces 12+ million chip modules for national payment cards, biometric passports and other electronic documents.
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