No waste – there is unused raw materials

Ecotechprom LLC is a high-tech plant for processing waste electrical and electronic equipment. Moscow government subsidies helped the company partially compensate the costs for the purchase of modern equipment.
The Ecotechprom plant is part of the unique complex in Russia for the recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment under the management of Ecopolis Corporation and is the first link in the recycling chain. Once the electronics waste gets here, it is dismantled, sorted and shredded. The production capacity of the first line of Ecotechprom plant allows to process up to 75,000 tons of electric and electronic per year.
Ecotechprom began operating in the summer of 2019. It is the largest industrial enterprise of Russia and CIS. Finished products of the plant: non-ferrous and ferrous metal scrap, shredded plastic, scrap of printed circuit boards and other secondary resources.
The shredded plastic is further recycled at the Ecoplast factory, scrap printed circuit boards and non-ferrous metals – at the Aurus factory, which are also under the management of Ecopolis Corporation.

What happens next with raw materials? Recycled metals are used for construction fittings, rails, radiator sections, various profiles, etc. And plastic granules are sent to manufacturers of building materials, parts of automotive industry, consumer goods, electronics casings and household appliances.

Recycling saves useful materials, reduces the consumption of primary raw materials, reduces energy consumption and environmental pollution.

Subsidies received from the Government of Moscow were used to service bank loan financing for the purchase of equipment, including for the furnishing of:
  • manual sorting lines;
  • lines for regrinding raw materials;
  • separation lines;
  • refrigeration recycling lines equipped with an automatic hermetically sealed closed-cycle system for removing freon, excluding its release into the atmosphere.
16 734 sq. m – total plant area
75 000 tons/year – capacity
up to 95% of raw materials – utilization efficiency
Thanks to the raw material chain, part of which is Ecotechprom up to 95% of the components of the recycled equipment become secondary raw materials. In comparison, 60-70% is considered good in Europe. In addition, the company has created a comprehensive infrastructure for the processing of electronic waste and the production of high-quality secondary materials that are returned to industrial use.
Maxim Lobanov,
Director General of ECOPOLIS Corporation:
"Recycling of electronic waste in Russia is in its infancy. This is a rather capital-intensive industry - it requires significant investment to build high-tech plants that will actually recycle the equipment in accordance with all the rules and return a maximum of secondary resources to the economy. State support measures allow to reduce the cost of starting a new production and thus increase the efficiency of the investment project. Therefore, for us, as for conscientious processors investing in infrastructure development, Department оf Investment аnd Industrial Policy оf Moscow support measures are particularly relevant".
Legal entities can hand over the equipment for recycling by contacting Ecopolis Corporation directly by phone: +7 (499) 704-55-55
Individuals can use the partner service Ecopolis 24, which has a stationary collection point, and also provides services for the removal of large-sized equipment directly from home. Tel.: + 7 (495) 155-55-24
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