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JUNE 2021

How to dispose of waste gas

Eltochpribor engineers have developed an automated device that purifies gases up to 100% and helps the industry to become more environmentally friendly.
In the electronics industry, many processes are associated with the use of toxic, corrosive and
ozone-depleting gases: these are chlorine, arsine, phosphine, ammonia, silanes, freons and other hazardous substances. from a source (for example, a gas-cylinder cabinet), gases pass through a pipeline to the process unit, and after the process is completed, it is purged with an inert gas. waste gases are fed to the purification systems. Environmental legislation requires such emissions to be cleaned below the maximum permissible concentration.

Eltochpribor liquid scrubber works on the principle of water absorption neutralization. the gas
mixture to be purified is sprayed with a neutralizing liquid, and then passes through an adsorber, where unwanted impurities are retained. the gas purification level reaches 98-100%.
Eltochpribor Group of Companies is the only Russian manufacturer of clean gas systems and equipment for working with special gases, an expert in the field of technological gas supply.
200 L/H
Neutralization of the gas mixture requires constant monitoring of complex physicochemical process. They are easy to operate, they do not require special ventilation and sewerage, they are connected to ordinary utility networks and are integrated into the dispatching system used at the enterprise

Eltochpribor scrubbers are an example of a technology that helps to minimize operating costs
and at the same time ensures environmental friendliness of production. The company plans
to expand its range of scrubbers and develop installations for the neutralization of various types
of gases to cover the needs of almost all microelectronic and semiconductor industries.
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