An Integrated Approach

The construction of a new engineering laboratory building HAS BEGUN in the ITELMA technopark. An integrated approach to the facility set-up will build a full-cycle process chain - from development and testing of electronic prototypes to serial production.
In the 90's, the young center began to develop and produce onboard computer technology for aviation and space providing the operation of various devices - from drones to space satellites. At the same time, it was developing microelectronic components and creating solutions based on its processors and microcontrollers. As a result - and this is almost unique - it has occupied four quite different production niches at once: microelectronic components, aviation and space onboard systems as well as artificial intelligence systems.

The engineering laboratory building is expected to be commissioned no later than December 2022. The steel piles have already been driven along the perimeter of the building under construction, the excavation pit has been dug to the lower projected marks. Pouring and sealing of the concrete foundation slab has begun.
This is not the first project to create a laboratory-office space for the ITELMA Group. On September 2, 2020, it signed agreement to create the ZIL technopark in Moscow, a multifunctional complex, that will accommodate high-tech enterprises. The technopark construction received the investment priority project (IPP) status, and significant tax preferences herewith. The complex will be commissioned no later than 2023. The company's investment in the project will be at least RUB 3.3 bn; moreover, it will provide the city with 1,100+ jobs.
Deputy Moscow Mayor for Economic Policy and Property and Land Relations Vladimir Efimov and President of ITELMA Group Alexander Postnikov participated in the time capsule laying ceremony at the beginning of construction works.

RUB 2+ bn
will be invested by ITELMA Group in the project
over 1,500 new jobs
the city will get
ITELMA Group holds under its umbrella companies whose activities are related to three main areas: electronics, aircraft construction, development. The number of employees exceeds 3,000; 1,000+ of them are involved in R&D. The group's key enterprise - ITELMA Research and Production Plant - develops electronic components including those for the automotive industry, designs and manufactures high-tech systems.
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