Lianozovsky Dairy Plant

Since 2016, Lianozovsky Dairy Plant has the status of industrial complex of Moscow, constantly modernizing production and increasing the product range. Thanks to the preferences provided by the city authorities, the plant is developing production: in 2021, a new production line was launched at the plant and a washing station was installed for filling machines that produce products with nuts. The total amount of funds invested in the modernization exceeded 500 million rubles.
On a new filling line with a capacity of 12 thousand packages per hour, the plant produces "Chudo" and "BioMax" yoghurts in a two-section cup of 105 g each, combining crispy fillings of different shapes, consistencies and densities. The washing station - an additional equipment for the existing lines - was necessary to comply with all requirements for the production of products containing nuts. Due to it, a new line of curds and yoghurts "Chudo" with natural roasted nuts appeared here.
Lianozovsky Dairy Plant was founded in 1988 and is part of the Vimm-Bill-Dann company, since 2011 part of the international PepsiCo company. The company produces traditional dairy products: milk, kefir, sour cream, cottage cheese under the brands "Domik v Derevne", "Veseliy Molochnik", as well as modern dairy products such as yogurt, curds, milkshakes under the "Chudo", BioMax, "Imunele" brands, and dairy baby food "Agusha" and "Chudo detki".
David Manzini,
President of PepsiCo Russia,
Belarus, Caucasus and Central Asia:
"Lianozovsky Dairy Plant is the largest food production enterprise in Eastern Europe. Its dynamic development is largely facilitated by the benefits provided by the capital's authorities. This allows us to invest in the creation of new products, and the Lianozovsky Dairy Plant often becomes a pioneer in the launch of new products."
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