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of Global Leader

Pressure, temperature, force, fluid and gas levels are important parameters of any technological process.

WIKA MERA is responsible for their measurement in the Russian capital. The company's specialists have been developing and manufacturing various measuring and control instruments and equipment for a quarter of a century.


WIKA is one of the world's leading manufacturers of measuring instruments with headquarters in Germany. The German WIKA has been in the world market for more than 70 years, it has 43+ subsidiaries and branches, and one of them, JSC WIKA MERA, is located in Moscow.

The WIKA representative office in the Russian capital opened in 1995. Later, after five years of work in Moscow, the company management established a service center with an assembly line and a laboratory for checking the quality of products.

According to WIKA MERA CEO, it quickly became clear that success in Russia as well as in the CIS countries would only be possible with an in-house, fully equipped production facility, so in 2017 the company commissioned a high-tech complex in New Moscow. The plant is equipped with the latest CNC machines and high-performance technological lines.

It should be noted that the production in Russia is currently one of the most modern in the whole WIKA Group. Moreover, 30% of the products are sold in Moscow and the Moscow Region, and the remaining 70% are sold in other regions of the country.

5,000 sq. m
total production space
RUB 1.2+ bn
project investments
In 2020, the company received the industrial complex status
"Think globally - act locally" is the slogan of the Moscow subsidiary


During its existence in Russia, WIKA MERA has succeeded in such key sectors as oil, gas, chemicals, petrochemicals, machine building (including power engineering), food and pharmaceuticals as well as metallurgy.

Moreover, we use many of the company's inventions in our daily lives without even noticing it. For example, utility workers use water pressure switches - a device for switching on and off pumping equipment, which measures the water pressure in the water supply system. In the event of a low pressure level, the relay energizes the pump pumping water from an external source, until the required values are reached.

The plant manufactures thermocouples and resistance thermometers, gauges with stainless steel housings, bypass level gauges, diaphragm media separators, protective sleeves and flanges. The key areas of the Moscow production facility are instruments for measuring pressure, temperature, level, flow, force; calibration equipment.

Among other things, WIKA MERA manufactures unique devices for petrochemical industry, which are able to operate in the toughest conditions for 7 to 20 years.
30% of products are sold in Moscow and the Moscow region, 70% are sold in other regions of the country


WIKA MERA products are not only focused on the capital or federal market, but also on the CIS countries.

The company supplies equipment to Russian manufacturers for assembling turbines, boilers and other complexes, which are then exported abroad: Central and South America, India, China. The company plans to increase the export of its products at least by 20-25% next year.

Metropolitan WIKA is actively working with Rosatom on projects in Hungary, Finland and Turkey. The equipment manufactured at the Russian facility is supplied for the international experimental thermonuclear reactor construction project in France (ITER).

The enterprise also cooperates with such leading companies as Gazprom, LUKOIL, Power Machines, SIBUR, Rosneft, Gazpromneft, Tatneft and many others.

According to the company's representatives, the number of components for local production, which are purchased from domestic producers, increases steadily every year. WIKA MERAhas a status of a Russian manufacturer for several product groups, and actively works on increasing the depth of localization implementing in practice the import substitution strategy combined with advanced production technologies.
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