Offset Contract

Offset contract is a long –term supply agreement with investment commitments. In other words, the investor opens new production in Moscow or modernizes the existing, and the city guarantees that will buy it products for several years. This method of partnership is profitable for both authorities and business.
The first metropolitan offsets were concluded with manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and foodstuffs. Moscow plans to extend this practice to areas such as transport engineering, housing and communal services, and IT equipment in the future.
  • The investor receives a long-term and stable demand for manufactured products, as well as a reliable and solvent consumer represented by the city, and if all obligations are fulfilled, the right to be subsequently included in the regional register of sole suppliers.
  • Moscow, in turn, receives the production of the goods it needs, as well as investments and jobs.
list of documents
The procedure for filing applications for participation in an open tender is regulated in Article 51 of the Federal Law of 05.04.2013 No. 44-FZ "On the contract system in the field of procurement of goods, works, services to meet state and municipal needs" (as amended and supplemented, entered into effective from 01.01.2021).
First, the city decides what production should be built and when under the offset contract. For this, a tender is announced, a notice of its holding is posted in the Unified Public Procurement Information System. To participate, candidates must submit an application. The winner is determined through an open tender in electronic form, and the actual signing of the contract takes place 75-80 days after the announcement of the purchase.
Companies registered in Russia.
As a result of competitive procedures, the price of products purchased by the city is significantly reduced, and later - the prices of subsequent government contracts.

The minimum investment in the creation of a new or modernization of the existing production should be 1 billion rubles.
Moscow offset contracts
Became the first signed offset in Moscow. It will make it possible to launch the production of 22 oncological and immunological medicines. The city will purchase them in the amount of 14 billion rubles over the next seven years. The volume of the company's investments in the creation of production is 3 billion rubles.
Under the contract, the production of 31 drugs used in the treatment and prevention of endocrine, oncological and cardiological diseases will be localized in Moscow by the end of 2023. The city will purchase them for 18.4 billion rubles over the next seven years. The city will purchase them for 18.4 billion rubles over the next seven years. The investments of R-Opra (part of the R-Pharm Group of Companies) will amount to 5.8 billion rubles.
An import-substituting production of medical products for ostomy patients will appear in Moscow, which the city will purchase for 8.6 billion rubles over the course of eight years. The company's investment in the project is 1 billion rubles.
The enterprise will produce 38 types of products: milk, juices, purees, cereals, cottage cheese, kefir, fermented milk and dry mixtures. The city will purchase all of these for eight years (from 2022) for a total amount of 30.6 billion rubles. The volume of private investment is 2.1 billion rubles.
The production of 20 medicines will be localized on the territory of Moscow. It will produce antiglaucoma, antibacterial, analgesic drugs, antidepressants and antipsychotics. Over the course of eight years, Moscow will purchase these products for the amount of 1.1 billion rubles. The volume of private investment in the project will amount to 1 billion rubles.
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