IMT: Orthoses Against Gypsum

IMT specializes in the production of ordekt orthoses, which can be called a real modern alternative to gypsum. With the support of the Moscow Industrial Development agency at the Mosmedpark Technopark, the company has organized a full production cycle, where it develops and applies new solutions in the healthcare sector.
The idea of creating a company literally became painful: the managing director broke his leg, went through all the difficulties of treatment and decided to make this procedure easier for other people.

This is how ORDEKT immobilizing orthoses appeared, which are made of plastic with a low melting point using a unique technology developed by the company itself. Until recently, this plastic was not made in Russia at all, while imported analogues are very expensive (7.5–12.5 thousand rubles without installation).

The Moscow Industrial Development Agency helped to localize production in Moscow. The company chose Mosmedpark Technopark from several options of sites for placement - this is a separate building with good transport accessibility.

Working on a specialized site helps the company to develop and apply new solutions in the healthcare sector. The company believes that high-quality modern medicine should be available to everyone. In the future, the plastic orthosis should completely replace the plaster cast.
The manufacturer of medical devices for traumatology and orthopedics IMT began operations in 2019. The official opening took place on March 17, 2020. A full production cycle of the company is organized at the site of the Mosmedpark Technopark.
Maxim Nikulin,
Development Director of IMT:
"Moscow is the best location for high-performing companies. It has established logistics, export, there are qualified personnel, conditions for marketing activities."
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