ELTI: innovations for medicine

Thanks to the start-up of production on the basis of Moscow MOSMEDPARK in the Strogino Technopark ELTI will create new jobs and in the future plans to produce up to 2.5 million elastic titanium implants and surgical suture kits per year.
ELTI produces unique implants and surgical suture material with high biocompatibility. Localization in Moscow gives the company access to the Capital's healthcare system, simplifies cooperation with the capital's clinics.

Having started production from scratch, the company's specialists create and produce mesh endoprostheses and suture materials that have no analogues in the world. "ELTI" products are used in general and abdominal surgery departments of Russian state and private clinics. The products have shown themselves well in the treatment of hernias, in dental surgery, thoracic surgery, orthopedics and gynecology.
MORE THAN 100 Russian clinics use "titanium silk" endoprostheses
The new production complex of the company is being created on the basis of the Moscow Mosmedpark in the Strogino technopark. Assistance with the selection of the site was provided by the Moscow Industrial Development Agency. Also, thanks to the support of the Moscow Government, the company has low rental rates and subsidies. Localization in Moscow, in turn, gives access to the capital's healthcare system and simplifies cooperation with Moscow clinics. Now the company has eight people. The new production facility will create 19 high-tech jobs; in the future, it is planned to produce up to 2.5 million elastic titanium implants and suture sets per year.

The company will also expand its product line. It will produce intracanal instruments for dentistry, implants and sutures for cosmetic operations on the skin and soft tissues. The company has filed international patent applications for self-expanding mesh prostheses, self-locking mesh prostheses and other innovations. Patents registered in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, South Korea, China and the European Union.
The company Elastic Titanium Implants (ELTI) was founded in 2017. Later, it consolidated intangible and tangible assets related to the production of titanium microwire and products based on it. In November 2019, a German investor, the Equicor company, entered the project. In 2020, the organization of a production site began on the territory of the Moscow Technopark Strogino (medical department – Mosmedpark). In 2020, a corporate structure was created, within which the investor founded a new joint-stock company Titanium Techtails, which bought out 100% of the shares in the authorized capital of ELTI from the current owners.
Anton Ovchinnikov,
Director General of ELTI:
"Success in the market, especially in such a conservative one as medical
devices, has only products that are unique. It is possible to acquire uniqueness only through new technologies and painstaking research - the
time of accidental discoveries is long over."
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