IAD of former
Moscow industrial zones

What's New?

Every month, Moscow authorities make DECISIONS, WHICH bring NEW LIfe to city's inefficiently used industrial zones. The first two agreements on the integrated area development of the former industrial zones (IADs) - Oktyabrskoye Pole and Korovino - were concluded in 2020. Both agreements are with private investors. We'll tell you what decisions have been made recently.
122 IAD sites are currently in consideration, 37+ million square meters of industrial, public, social and residential spaces are planned for construction therein. At the same time, the city clearly establishes what exactly should be built on the site. As a result, the IAD will give residents of the capital about 500,000 new jobs, attract RUB 7 tn of private investment, and provide almost RUB 3 tn of budget revenues.
Location: industrial zone #50 Altufyevskoe highway
(North-Western district, Otradnoye subdistrict)

The decision on the integrated development of the Altufievskoye Shosse industrial zone was taken by the Moscow Government in December 2020. The area is planned to be brought up to current standards of high-tech Moscow industry. Production facilities, residential housing and related infrastructure will be built on an area of 700,000+ square meters. At the same time, more than 50% of the area will still be used for production facilities. Not only systematic renovation of all outdated industrial zones is important for the development of the city, but also the priority preservation of the purpose of these areas.
  • 29,17 ha - total area
721,000 square meters of real estate can be built here including:
  • 469,900 sq. m - for public and industrial use;
  • 251,100 sq. m - residential space including social facilities in accordance with the current regulations.
Location: South Butovo Production Zone
(South-Western district, South Butovo subdistrict)

The Moscow Government has decided on an integrated development of the South Butovo industrial zone in November 2020. "The South Butovo industrial zone is intended to accommodate industrial, public and business facilities, required social infrastructure and residential houses. It is currently hosting warehouses, a parking lot and office buildings. The redevelopment of the area will fulfill one of the important IAD functions - creating 3,000+ new jobs for residents.
  • 23.09 ha - total area
364,000 square meters of real estate can be built here including:
  • 91,400 sq. m (25%) - for industrial use;
  • 52,600 sq. m (15%) - for public use;
  • 220,000 sq.m (60%) - residential space including 25,000 sq.m. for municipal needs.
Location: Chertanovo Production Zone #65
(Southern district, Central Chertanovo subistrict)

The decision on the integrated development of the Chertanovo industrial zone in South Moscow was made by the Moscow Government in November 2020. It is planned to invest RUB 8.7 bn in the area redevelopment, and the construction opportunities on the 2.8-ha site are vast. The project will provide the city with 2,800 new jobs.
  • 2.8 ha - total area
Development parameters:
  • 40,000 sq. m/ha - building density;
  • 33 m - max. building height;
What can be built here:
  • shopping malls;
  • markets;
  • shops;
  • food courts;
  • offices of insurance companies and banks;
  • service garages;
  • grounds for exhibitions and entertainment events.
Location: within the Brattsevo industrial zone #44
(Northern district, Voykovsky subdistrict)

In November 2020, the Moscow Government has decided on the integrated development of the Brattsevo industrial zone in the Northern administrative district. Industrial, public and business facilities of app. 68,000 square meters will be located on the area of almost 4.6 hectares. The project will involve investments of RUB 4.1 bln and create 850 new jobs.
  • 4.57 ha - total area
  • 15,000 sq. m/ha - building density
What can be built here:
  • industrial and manufacturing facilities;
  • buildings to accommodate technological, industrial, agro-industrial parks and business incubators.
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